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Bianca Rathgeb

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Exciting Meetings with Graphic Recordings

The (Work) World is Becoming Increasingly Complex. Bianca Rathgeb provides live visualizations to simplify and clarify intricate subjects, ensuring high levels of attention. 

With her experience in various industries, including IT, banking, and pharmaceuticals, she helps uncover and simplify complexities swiftly.

Fascinate your audience and keep their attention engaged

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Communication issues consume time, money, and employee satisfaction

Graphic recording provides clarity and understanding in various situations, such as strategy discussions, keynotes, or presentations. It enhances content retention and captures attention.

What is Graphic Recording?

What do Live Visual Protocols Bring in Practical Use?

Graphic Recording ist a visual method for capturing ideas and discussions that occur during a meeting or event. 

A Graphic Recorder is present and records the key statements and connections in real-time on a large canvas or whiteboard. The resulting image serves as a graphic summary of the discussion and offers an emotional and engaging alternative to traditional text records.

Companies often employ this method during events, annual gatherings, seminars, strategy sessions, and vision workshops to enhance content retention and foster understanding among various stakeholders. 

The resulting visual materials can also be used for advertising or internal communication. Ultimately, they provide an independent external perspective at the end of the event, appreciated by both customers and the audience.

What is graphic recording suitable for?

  • Annual Meetings and Keynotes

  • Strategy Discussions and Vision Workshops

  • Seminars

  • Conflict Discussions

  • Problem Solving and Simplifying Complexity

What is not suitable?

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Häufige Fragen zum Graphic Recording

What about the created images and image rights?

We provide you with all the images and full image rights that are produced during our collaboration. You are free to use and publish them.

What are the costs?

Every project is unique and requires different levels of effort. We will discuss your needs in a preliminary conversation and provide you with a non-binding quote.

What if it doesn't look good?

Our graphic recordings are not just pretty pictures - they are valuable work results that help you better understand the content of events and meetings. Of course, we also pay attention to aesthetics, but the focus is on the added value for you.

Which languages are possible?

Bianca offers graphic recordings in both German and English for multilingual meetings and events.

What is needed on-site?

Typically, for graphic recording, Bianca requires felt-covered pinboards or flip charts on-site. She brings her own materials, such as paper and markers.

Good Listening and Empathy

In Graphic Recording, soft skills like good listening and empathy are crucial for success. It's not enough to merely possess graphic skills. What matters is the ability to identify and record the key points of what is being said, creating transparency and understanding. Without this skill, there may be a need for further discussion and revisions because the external observer hasn't accurately captured the information in the record.

This Work Requires Training - Professionalism and Experience

Graphic recorders need skills and training

Bianca has accumulated 14 years of experience as a requirements engineer, business analyst, and senior process engineer in the IT departments of large corporations. 

She is a certified 'Visual Process Designer' and 'Graphic Recording Professional,' with numerous additional training and certifications in areas such as moderation, leadership, business analysis and design, psychology, coaching, and healthcare. 

In addition, she has completed various graphic courses and online training with renowned instructors in the USA (Diane Bleck), Switzerland (Stefan Kunz), Germany (Eva-Lotta Lamm), and the United Kingdom (Scriberia).


Since 2010, Bianca has been running her own studio, 'Goldene Mitte,' in the healthcare sector, and since 2016, she has been providing visualizations and graphic recordings for reputable companies.

She illustrated the book 'Kaoskontroll' by Norwegian ADHD expert Britta Bech Gulbrandsen and designed a marketing book for a professor in Kuwait.


Graphic Recordings

A visual real-time summary of your meeting or presentation, created live on-site or via Zoom / Teams.

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Book Illustrations

Hand-drawn illustrations (marker - fully analog or digitally created) for your book.

Illustrate My Book


Visual facilitation of your workshop or introductory seminars on improving visualization in businesses or universities.

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Individual illustrations, flipcharts, or graphics for your use.

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How does collaboration work?

1. Inquiry

Send an email or give us a call to discuss your event and check for our availability.

2. Quotation

After our conversation, I'll provide you with a customized quote tailored to your event.

3. Execution

Once the contract is finalized, I'll support your event graphically, whether it's online or on-site, and present you with the results afterward.

Industry Experience

Graphic Recordings in various industries

  • Pharmaceuticals / Diagnostics / Medicine

  • Information Technology / AI

  • Banking

  • Insurance & Health Insurance

  • Energy / Industrial


  • Consulting

  • Workshops on Vision/Mission

  • Professionalism and Experience

    In operation since 2016 to make connections visible


    Satisfied Corporate Clients


    On-Site and Online Engagements with Clients


    Book Illustrations in Norway and Kuwait


    Years of Experience


    Prominent Swiss and international companies have repeatedly engaged Bianca (excerpt)

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